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When LeBron, Kobe and KD walked on the Blues

8 months ago, the French team achieved one of the most immense exploits in its history by defeating the United States in the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2019. Even if Team USA had none of its superstars , the group was strong enough to be the tournament favorite. If we talk about a feat, it is also because the Blues have some painful memories against the Americans. We chose to talk to you again about this match of 2012 olympic games in London.

The date : July 29, 2012, at the Basketball Arena in London.

The final score: Team USA 98 – 71 France

Workforce : Tyson Chandler, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Deron Williams, Andre Iguodala, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love, James Harden, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony (Team USA).

Tony Parker, Mickael Gelabale, Nicolas Batum, Boris Diaw, Ali Traoré, Florent Piétrus, Ali Traoré, Kevin Séraphin, Yannick Bokolo, Fabien Causeur, Nando de Colo, Yakhouba Diawara, Ronny Turiaf (France).

The context : A finalist for the 2011 Eurobasket and a silver return from Lithuania, the French team attacked the London Olympics with great ambition. A competition in which the French have not participated since the silver medal brought back from Sidney in 2000 (after having justly lost to the United States in the final). A long wait and a French basketball revived to the heights by Tony Parker, Boris Diaw et al.

It is therefore with the objective of winning a medal that the players of Vincent Collet have approached the Games. The preparation was truncated by packages (Joakim Noah…) and injuries including that of Parker, touched in the eye following an altercation between Drake and Chris Brown in a New York nightclub. He was therefore forced to wear a protective mask during the tournament.

Olympic champion in Beijing in 2008, Team USA had the firm intention of repeating, hence the displacement of the war machines which are LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and Company.

The course of the match: A great Team USA classic, namely a rough first quarter to get started, a first franchise acceleration to take the lead in the second, a second run devastating in the third to inflate the gap and the rest of the freewheeling match to take advantage.

The key moment: The second quarter pill. Perhaps a little naively, the tricolor staff decided to attack the period with a five bis led by Nando de Colo but also Bokolo, Diawara, Turiaf and Florent Piétrus. Facing them ? The U.S. five major with James, Kobe, Durant. It was a massacre. Quick. Murderer. LeBron's first three-point run, all alone after another offensive rebound by Tyson Chandler, two shots by Bryant followed by a new award-winning shot from the Los Angeles Lakers superstar and the reigning Olympic champions were already 9 points ahead. Another outdoor shoot, this time triggered by the hands of Chris Paul. 11-0, all in 2 minutes 30 minutes. The French will not recover.

The statistics : 2/22 three-pointers for the France team. One of the two baskets was a Yannick Bokolo shootout in the first quarter buzzer. The Blues missed a number of open shots behind the line. It was impossible to put pressure on the American defense with such clumsiness.

The statement : " There is frustration because we didn't expect to lose 27 points. It was a day without. Florent Piétrus.

Losing against such a talented team is not degrading. Even less when the selection is populated with future Hall Of Famers. Even when the defeat is heavy (-27 therefore). Many players tend to minimize the gap on the scoreboard after playing the Team USA terrors. Some French players have also made speeches of this type, emphasizing the striking power of their opponents. Not Piétrus. This statement, this disappointment after a defeat against one of the best American teams in history, testifies to the state of mind of the veteran and the France group.

The Blues took the back like a slap. And they got back on their feet by winning the following four matches in order to finish second in their pool behind the States.

This team from France collection summer 2012 was less strong than that which disputed the Games in Brazil for example. You just have to watch the match to feel the progress of the Vincent Collet collective for four years. Tony Parker was younger and damn sharp but the Blues were just too dependent on his heatstroke. Not only in the finish but even in the creation. The game was mainly structured around a man, which made the offensive phases too predictable and condemned the French to defend like starving people to gain the upper hand over their adversaries.

A winning recipe a few years later … with the rise of players around "TP". Trust in each other was not yet strong enough to bring anything back from London. Nando De Colo was not yet MVP Nando. Batum was less experienced. The lieutenants – and even the duty players – of the current team are trying much more than those of the time. It is also by watching this match that we become aware (a little more) of the contribution of boys like Thomas Heurtel or Joffrey Lauvergne. Collet has more frames than in the past and he has ammunition out of the bench.

Team USA Rio version is also much less impressive than its previous copy. The style is always the same: athletic presence unique in the world, permanent defensive pressure and individuals capable of making a difference on their own. Who says individuality necessarily says ego. And, even if this London team was damn better supplied with (very) great players, we still felt more desire to play together, to create discrepancies for the others … in short to play together. Maybe she had smarter players. After all, basketball IQ is one of the key elements of the best basketball players on the planet.

Team USA – France in full

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