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What sports will be allowed on June 2 and what sports will be prohibited?

• Running: authorized in parks

While running has never been banned since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic and the introduction of containment in mid-March, joggers were limited regarding the available running space. For all regulars running in parks and gardens, this Thursday’s Prime Minister’s announcements Edouard Philippe concerning the second stage of the deconfinement plan represent a real relief.

The parks and gardens will reopen this weekend, regardless of the geographic area in which they are located. The joggers will be able to find their little habits and follow the park tours. On the other hand, they will have to wait before being able to perform stadium laps, the Prime Minister having announced that a point would be made on this question during the next stage of the deconfinement plan, on June 22.

• Swimming pools, sports halls and gymnasiums: open in the green zone

During the first stage of the deconfinement plan, on May 11, Édouard Philippe was very clear: there was no question of reopening swimming pools, sports halls or gymnasiums. This Thursday, on the occasion of the presentation of the second stage of the deconfinement plan, the Prime Minister announced progress on these different disciplines but depending on the geographic area. On June 2, next Tuesday, swimming pools, sports halls and gymnasiums will be able to reopen in the so-called green zones, however, it will be necessary to wait until June 22 in the zones classified orange (the Ile de France, Guyana and Mayotte are concerned ). "I know this is a decision expected by many as summer approaches", Édouard Philippe announced concerning the reopening of the swimming pools. swimming will therefore be able to return to the basins from next Tuesday with however strict rules to be observed.

The gymnasts as well as the followers of the bodybuilding and fitness As for them, they will again have access to gymnasiums and sports halls, and this from June 2 always in the green zones (the orange zones will again have to wait until June 22 at least). In these establishments, strict health rules will be enacted and must be respected by athletes in order to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible. Italy, which reopened its sports halls on May 25, has thus drawn up a long list of hygienic measures to be respected in order to come and train. Rules that will surely be followed to the letter by practitioners who will abandon the apartment carpet to return to their pre-containment habits.

• Collective and contact sports: always prohibited

For other disciplines, it will still be necessary to wait for the start of the third stage of the deconfinement plan, on June 22. "Collective and contact sports will remain prohibited", said Édouard Philippe when speaking on Thursday. soccer, the rugby, the handball, the basketball and other team sports will still not be able to be played next Tuesday, to the chagrin of millions of athletes. "We have indicated that the practice of team sports, because by definition they are contact sports, I think for example football and basketball, made the exercise of these sports still prohibited"said the Prime Minister during questions and answers with the journalists.

Other sports not to be able to resume next Tuesday: combat sports, such as boxing where the judo, prohibited because they would be more vectors of transmission of the virus than other disciplines. Boxing halls and dojo will therefore not reopen on June 2, and will have to wait for the next point made by the government on the terms of the deconfinement, on June 22.

• Top athletes: authorized resumption

On the other hand, the Prime Minister specified that high-level sportsmen who practice collective or contact disciplines will be able to resume training as of June 2, in "as part of a strict medical protocol". In Germany, Spain or England, where football training has already resumed, clubs have offered their players several stages: individual training, then in groups of 2 to 4 before returning to conventional training, with the entire workforce.

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Can Édouard Philippe's announcements pave the way for a revival of professional football?

But while the governing bodies of the French sports world have for the most part given up trying to overcome current competitions, these announcements could relaunch, in Ligue 1 for example, the debate on the anticipated end of the 2019-2020 season. If professional athletes find the training grounds next Tuesday, while respecting the health guidelines issued by the government, an adapted calendar could help to end the season. But everything will depend on the evolution of the health situation and the announcements that Édouard Philippe will make for the third stage of the deconfinement plan, on June 22.