USA Basketball: With or without NBA players at the next Tokyo Olympics in 2021?

USA Basketball hopes that the Tokyo Olympics will be held at the same time next year as the one scheduled this year.

Otherwise, an already complicated situation could become even more so.

USA Basketball general manager Jerry Colangelo has pressed the "pause" button when planning for the next Olympic Games.

He must wait to see exactly when the matches in Tokyo will take place in 2021, and whether the new schedule will conflict with that of the NBA.

"It's quite simple. Either we have NBA players or not, said Colangelo. If not, we will consider the other options. "

Colangelo keeps his role and the coaches also with Gregg Popovich (Spurs) in mind, supported by Steve Kerr (Warriors), Lloyd Pierce (Hawks) and Jay Wright (Villanova). But all that, if the calendar allows it.

The Olympics were scheduled to start on July 24, which is usually part of the NBA off season. When the IOC announced the postponement of the Games on Tuesday due to the global coronavirus pandemic, it was said that the delay would last "no more than a year".

There is therefore the possibility of the Olympic Games being held earlier than usual. And if the Tokyo Games take place in April, May or June, it could significantly change the plans of the Americans.

"We are hoping for the same window of time that was planned this summer," said Colangelo. There are many things beyond our control. We are monitoring this situation.

“We have to deal with the NBA, FIBA, the American Olympic Committee, the IOC, etc. Once they have set the dates, we will take action. "

USA Basketball planned to choose 12 players for the Tokyo Games in June.

There were 44 players considered, assuming NBA players could be there in 2021, most, if not all, will likely remain on the list next year.

"These are unusual moments," said Colangelo. When they ring the bell, we will prepare. "