The national coach unveils his program to form a competitive team for the next deadlines

The coach of the national basketball selection, Naoufal Uariachi, shed light on Thursday in Rabat, on his program for the formation of a competitive team for the next deadlines.
Speaking at a press conference, organized at the National Basketball Center by the provisional committee responsible for the management of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Basketball, Mr. Uariachi highlighted his program based on two main objectives including rejuvenation of the workforce and the establishment of discipline within the Moroccan team in order to revive Moroccan basketball and develop its level.
The action plan will be spread over 5 years, said Mr. Uariachi who explained that this period will allow the formation of a competitive team by 2024 and 2025 capable of competing with the biggest teams on the continent during the upcoming deadlines, including the African Basketball Cup and the World Cup.
In this sense, the coach recalled that the national team will cross swords with the Egyptian and Ugandan teams in November 2020 and February 2021, as part of the qualifiers for the 2021 African Cup.
Highlighting his desire to rejuvenate the workforce, the coach said that the selection includes more young elements with 3 players over 28 years old, 7 players between 24 and 27 years old and 6 players under 23 years old.
He also recalled that the season will be marked by the organization of three preparation courses between February and March in Rabat and Tangier but also in Algeria, signaling that these courses will be punctuated by the participation of the national team in the Arab basketball championship -ball.
Deploring the suspension of the national championship, the coach stressed that these three training courses will also allow an upgrade of players in the light of this suspension.
He also affirmed that he closely followed, with his assistant, the Moroccan players who evolve abroad and who will be able to reinforce the selection, noting that the choice will also be carried on all age categories within the framework of the program of the National Technical Directorate.
For his part, the captain of the national team, Mohamed Choua, indicated that the players carried out four training sessions punctuated by confrontations with Moroccan clubs and with the Algerian national team.
He added that the suspension of the championship has greatly impacted the level of national basketball, in particular the competitiveness of the players, calling for increased efforts to overcome this situation.