New Orleans Pelicans

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  • KD looked smooth with his movements, eventhough it felt random on where he would go on the court at times. I'm not worried, KD is just getting back into the swing of things. Solid Game for KD. If Draymond doesn't win DPOY this year, then he might not win the award ever. Draymond continues to impress me defensively, to the point that I take him for granted at times.

  • Great analysis and funny too, you're a boss keep up the good work AA. I love these recaps and watch 'em even I've I already seen the game!

  • Thanks for the vids, nice analysis including criticisms of GSW too. The type of travels the NBA needs to crack down on are at 4:40… you can't catch the ball, take a jump step, ball fake, then dribble again. obvious travel.

  • KD Proved all the retards who said "KD Isn't gonna fit and he's gonna ruin the warriors again" wrong. I mean it was obvious he was gonna be inefficient but the ball movement was definitely there.

  • What also would be a real killer is to comment LeBron's team collapse against the Hawks. Only the 4th will be enough for laughter.

  • word is Draymond was working on his 3 pt shot, in the gym til midnight before the game. If he can hit that wide open 3 consistently, it's over

  • Im not GSW fan , but all i want to see in playoffs is them destroying Houston an OKC. I want to see those two ''MVPs'' destroyed and humiliated, especially Westbrook-nigga is annoying as fuck. He pretends to be all Alpha , but he is lowkey pussy

  • You called it, my friend. There was no need for Steph Curry to be playing in the game previous to this one. He took some hard falls, and is now out with a knee contusion. Given all his previous injuries, his playing — especially so many minutes — in a relatively meaningless game (GSW had first seed sown up) was an absurd move, for which I blame Steve Kerr. What were they thinking? Steph didn't need the statistics. He needed to stay healthy for the play-offs. Your commentary on that game was right on target; even prescient. And all those endless jump-up-bumps with teammates to celebrate good baskets are equally bad for his ankles and knees. Where's the common sense? The pragmatism? The concern for health excellence? Will somebody please tell those players to cut that shit out? They undermine their own greatness with such histrionics. Anyway, thanks for your insights. You've lifted my understanding of the game to a whole new level.