Grades from 130-95 loss to Philadelphia 76ers

PHILADELPHIA, PA – APRIL 11: (Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Milwaukee Bucks effectively decided not to show up for their final game of the season, as they fell to a 35-point loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.

On a night when permutations for seeding were the talk of the NBA, the situation was relatively simple for the Milwaukee Bucks entering Wednesday night against the Philadelphia 76ers.

A Bucks win would have guaranteed Milwaukee sixth place, a matchup with either Philadelphia or Cleveland, and keeping their 2018 first round pick.

Instead, the Bucks lost and, in truth, they didn’t even wait until they were out of the first quarter to have lost the game.

With a fully healthy roster for the first time all season, the Bucks produced their most astonishing no-show performance of the year.

There was no defense, there was barely any offense and this was far from the ideal combination of result and performance to carry over into the post-season.

Once the game finished and the match-ups were set around the league, the game quickly became inconsequential. It’s now in the past, although it’s the very recent past and will take some shaking out of the players’ minds.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the individual performances for the Bucks, as well as how Joe Prunty and the 76ers performed on the night.

(NOTE: Defense isn’t really discussed on this occasion, in part because it seems like the Bucks didn’t bother to discuss it before the game either. If there isn’t a mention of any positive defensive contribution, you’re safe in assuming a player didn’t defend at all.

Also, there are no F grades for players and this will undoubtedly upset people. As a team the Bucks undoubtedly earned an F, but I’d argue individually this was a game of mostly average to bad individual performances from across the board. The terrible overall performance was contributed to by almost every player rather than by just one or two individuals.)

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