2018 NBA Playoff scenarios for the Bucks

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With just one game remaining in the Milwaukee Bucks 2017-18 regular season, their seed is still up in the air, so here are the scenarios for Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Bucks have played 81 of their 82 remaining regular season games in the 2017-18 season, yet, there are still some things left to be determined for the playoffs.

The Bucks hold a 44-37 record and have clinched a playoff spot for the second consecutive year. After defeating the Orlando Magic on Monday night, they currently sit in sixth place in the Eastern Conference with a one-game lead over the Miami Heat (43-38) and a 1.5 game lead over the Washington Wizards (42-38).

Milwaukee controls their own destiny and if they defeat the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night, they will clinch sixth place.

However, if they lose, things become a lot more complicated. Fortunately, Dean Maniatt of BrewHoop makes it nice and simple for us:

At this point, it might be more strategic than anything else in terms of placement at the bottom of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

The Toronto Raptors have locked up first place and will be one of the toughest teams to face in the playoffs, making the eight seed unattractive.

The Boston Celtics, on the other hand, have dealt with a plethora of injuries and won’t have Kyrie Irving for the playoffs. Also, the Bucks just beat them last week so that might be the team Milwaukee hopes for. If that’s the case, Milwaukee will want to find themselves as the seventh seed because Boston is locked into second place.

The third seed is still up in the air with the 76ers holding a slight .5 game lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 76ers face the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday and then tip-off against the Bucks on Wednesday. Those two games will go a long way in determining who gets the three seed. If Philadelphia wins both games, they’ll enter the playoffs on a 16-game winning streak and are certainly a team the Bucks will want to avoid.

Overall, I’ll let you decide for yourself which route you want the Bucks to take in the first round of the playoffs. Choose wisely, because, with the right matchup, the Bucks could advance into the semi-finals.

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