Miami Heat

Logan Johnson vs. LaMelo Ball – Lopsided Game Gets Heated! Tyler Johnson’s Younger Bro (Miami Heat)

In a game that was never really within reach, Tyler Johnson Elite gave the Big Ballers a spanking that was somewhat coming as they were constantly trailing by big numbers at halftime. Tyler Johnson (Miami Heat) was on hand to watch his brother Logan put on an impressive display of leadership on both ends of the floor. The Ballers are still growing as a team and as of now LaMelo is in dire need of help. The game got a bit chippy in the first half but the refs got it under control in the second.
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  • Lavar needs to teach these guys the game of basketball. No defense individually or as a team. Of course his son will look good he takes the most shots from what it seems like. And who care s you score 40 when your down 50 lol. Offensively he is good but it means nothing if you can do it at the other end. That full court pressure is trash. It all starts with the coach and he is terrible.

  • lemelo trash without his brothers lonzo is the only 1 i think will be in tje nba the other 2 arent gonna make it

  • when has basketball decided to get rid of defense? This is some of the sloppiest poorest style of basketball I have ever seen. AAU basketball is destroying basketball as it should be played.

  • From what I've seen of this baller team, i'm surprised they get so much credit…their game seems to revolve around cherry picking and their defense is non existent.

  • logan Johnson more hungry then melo, u can see the grit in him just like Tyler, lamelo too passive plays like what he is, spoiled suburban kid who bro in the brothers smh melo need to get stronger and pray to God he keeps growing, won't be special if he stays at 6'2, no real skillset

  • #4 shoving the ref out of the way, Sideshow Bob looking dude throwing the ball at the ref's feet… this is some organized hoodrat shit show. All these kids playing for the Ball coach are just hurting themselves because he is a terrible team coach. He just cares about his kids getting recognized so he can be famous.