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July 03, 2017 – NBATV (Bam Adebayo HL) – Miami Heat Summer League Game 03 Vs Pacers – Loss (00-03)

July 03, 2017 – NBATV – Miami Heat Summer League Game 03 Vs Indiana Pacers – Loss (00-03)(Bam Adebayo Highlights)(NBA Gametime)(Orlando)

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  • Wow, took 2 games to get Bam comfortable. He took the lead on this game and basically carried the whole team.

    Props to the coaching staff for setting this up for Bam.

  • People dont understand that he can actually do more than this too. he still has yet to play with our actual nba team. imagine how much better he can play with a goran dragic and james johnson or playing next to hassan whiteside at some point in the season?? SCARY

  • i was wrong anout this kid, never go by a freshmans tape! he didnt get a chance to showcase his talents in college. Bam is a mf problem!

  • Fuck Gordon Hayward we don't need him! At the end of the day, we'll have 3 rings, he'll retire with ZERO

    C: Hassan Whiteside
    PF: Bam Adebayo
    SF: James Johnson
    SG: Dion Waiters
    PG: Goran Dragic

    Now let's sign Rudy Gay and get a great 6th man