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Free Facebook Themes And Layouts

Looking to pimp your Facebook? Then look no further than You can choose from a large collection of professionally designed themes and layouts completely free!

Click the link below to get your

>>>Free Facebook Themes And Layouts<<<

Change your Facebook profile, and other pages, layout with the easy to use FaceTheme. Be yourself, be unique, make your profile AMAZING with these brilliant Free Facebook Themes And Layouts.

free facebook themes and layouts

What kind of Free Facebook Themes And Layouts can I get a

Here are just a few:

  • Miami Heat Dark Free Facebook Themes And Layouts
  • Kobe Throw
  • LA Lakers Trophy
  • Hello Kitty
  • Michael Jackson – RIP
  • abstract
  • animals
  • Fashion
  • Gaming
  • Military
  • Movie and Tv
  • Music
  • Celebs
  • And much, much more!
  • Wall Style Facebook Theme
  • Mazda Car Facebook Theme
  • Wall Facebook Theme
  • Infinity Facebook Theme
  • Michael Jackson Facebook Theme
  • Birthday Facebook Theme
  • Wedding Facebook Theme
  • Need for Speed Facebook Theme
  • Lamborghini Facebook Theme
  • Counter-Strike Facebook Theme
  • Angelina Jolie Facebook Theme
  • FireGuitar Facebook Theme
  • Green Patterns Facebook Theme
  • Abstract Circles Facebook Theme
  • Some grass Facebook Theme
  • Peafowl Facebook Theme
  • Bob Marley Facebook Theme
  • Sexy Twins Facebook Theme
  • Sexy Girl Facebook Theme
  • Bike & Baseball Facebook Theme
  • GTA4 Facebook Theme
  • Lindsay Lohan Facebook Theme
  • Mr and Mrs Smith Facebook Theme
  • Disney’s Mickey Mouse Facebook Theme

Which web browsers will FaceTheme work on?

Facetheme currently only supports Firefox and Internet Explorer

How to choose a new facebook theme and  Layout?

To choose a new layout all you need to do is follow the same steps as installing. This will remove your current Facebook Layout and replace it with the new one you would like to use.

How to install  Free Facebook Themes And Layouts? It is very easy to install a Facebook Layout.

1) Find a Facebook Layout. You can do this a couple of ways:

The Sidebar or the Browse Button, which will take you to a listing of all the categories After finding the Facebook Layout you would like to install, just click the Install button.

Once you click on the Install button, you will be redirected to Facebook and your new Theme will be installed.

That’s really all there is to it. Enjoy your new Free Facebook Themes And Layouts!

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