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Memphis Grizzlies Opposing Views: Washington Wizards

Every game must be taken serious, even against those from the Eastern Conference. Let’s take a look at the Washington Wizards and how the Memphis Grizzlies might fare against this up-and-coming team in the weak Eastern Conference.

Games outside of your conference can always be very competitive. Like any other game in the season, the Memphis Grizzlies will have to value each game in a tough Southwest Division, and an even tougher Western Conference. Will they be able to hold their own against one of the prime teams in the East?

The Wizards are coming off a very disappointing end to the 2016-17 season, losing to the Boston Celtics in a Game 7. The series could’ve gone either way – in fact, the home team won every game!

Despite the disappointing end to the campaign, the team had a positive summer. They committed to their core by signing Otto Porter to a 4-year, max-level contract. Superstar John Wall also signed his contract extension that he was eligible for after making All-NBA. With Bradley Beal under contract for four more years, the future is set in stone.

Key Additions

Otto Porter (re-signed)

Jodie Meeks

Tim Frazier

Mike Scott

Key Subtractions

Bojan Bogdanovic

Brandon Jennings

Trey Burke

Projected Starting Five




Markieff Morris

Marcin Gortat

The Wizards have one of the best starting five’s not just in the Eastern Conference, but the entire NBA. They have all-around balanced attack and can hurt you many different ways. The bench is the team’s weakest link. Did they fix it with the additions of the name above? Doubt it, but it can’t possibly be worse from last year’s… NOTE, it can be.

The additions above haven’t been proven to have any positive impact over an entire season. Meeks is injury-prone. Frazier hasn’t had a steady role, save for last season. Mike Scott had personal issues that kept him off the court last year. He’s apparently in decent shape and ready to play again, but time will tell.

Nothing is ever certain with this team.

Will John Wall and company be too much for the Grizzlies? Where can the Grizzlies expose them?

Where can the Grizzlies be successful?

The Wizards’ defense has constant mental lapses on the defensive end. As good as they are offensively with the pick-and-roll, they’re just as bad at defending it. The Wiz also give up a lot of 3-pointers. They don’t rotate well at times which leads to constant open shots from the perimeter. If the Grizzlies can get inside and kick out for some shots, they might find a winning recipe.

If the Grizzlies can slow the Wizards down and force Wall and Beal to make plays in the half court, it may be enough to keep the team within striking distance. As long as the Grizzlies keep it close, they’ll be in good shape. The Wizards have a hard time closing out games, so it’ll be interesting to see if those woes carry into this season.

Where will all Hell break loose?

No team in the league, save for the Warriors and Rockets, can afford to let the Wizards get into transition. Their guard play is excellent, and they’ll push the pace out of nowhere. If the Wizards get on a roll, make quick decisions and play together, the Grizzlies will have a tough time.

The Wizards are a team that acts on adrenaline. Keep Wall and Beal quiet, and the team should stay quiet too. Let Wall and Beal get out in transition or hit a few shots, and you’ve just entered the Twilight Zone.

Series Outlook

The Memphis Grizzlies and Washington Wizards have two different styles of play but both weaken the other. It’ll be fun to see two playoff teams going at it twice a year in – what should be – an interesting matchup. I believe the series will split 1-1, but it could easily be 2-0 in favor of either team.

We’ll just have to sit back and watch the show!

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