Nerlens Noel Trade Target For The Los Angeles Lakers!!! – NBA Trade Rumors

The Los Angeles Lakers are interested in a trade for Nerlens Noel from the Philadelphia 76ers. Would this be a good move for both teams. NBA Trade Rumors

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30 thoughts on “Nerlens Noel Trade Target For The Los Angeles Lakers!!! – NBA Trade Rumors

  1. Keith Parket

    you have nothing to offer We already have your first round pick why would we take a bunch of garbage from your bench I personally am not sold on D Russell but that's all you have Randell has bad knees Ingram is a Bust Dario Sarric is having a Better year so please make real videos not these Fantasy trade los Angeles is not the place anymore you know you made a. Huge Mistake in not drafting Oakafor because you thought you were going to get Cousins

  2. Jarit Thomas

    PHIlly PHan all day here, giv us sumn!!, sht, noel's nice, we just aint usin him rt,(or @all 4 tht mattr!!), i thought we wer gonna get russell n tht draft &la oka4 &since we aint playin him eithr take em both &giv us our pg 2 r?ck w embiid tht we shoulda had anyw til tha lake show snatchd him up, lol

  3. Razatiger Ault

    First of all, it looks like they are looking to ship Okafor not Noel because Noel plays better with Embiid. If they are gonna trade Okafor, they would want Ingram or DLO

  4. oh14

    The laker don't need him …… we need a good SG …….That can give us 20 or more a game. we have 2 good big already, and a super good young team

  5. CA love28

    I say trade Randell mosgov, for Damascus cousins. Randell is garbage , we don't need mosgov cause we got ibaka, all though he's young he is a quick learner.

  6. Stephanie Chiquete

    Offer them Clarkson he's putting up 14/3/2 in 27 min. Noel's best season put up just 11 points and 8 rebounds. They are 2 years apart in age. Clarkson is miles better than whatever trash they have at their guard positions. they probably won't get a better offer If not well too bad. Lakers have Zubac who looks like this years draft steal.

  7. Jhim Morales

    What happened to lakers management. They getting worst decission .noel is not a big help.. we must have westbrook and davis team up for lakers.


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