Most Popular Sports Teams Vs Top Sports 2010

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Most Popular Sports Teams

The research for the mostly searched team is definitely relying on the popularity of the sport; based on US sports stats, on analytics and onto Yahoo Buzz, we managed to reassemble the final list for the most popular team, in terms of number of searches.

  1. Dallas Cowboys – NFL
  2. New Orleans Saints – NFL
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers – NFL
  4. Los Angeles Lakers – NBA
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers – NBA
  6. Manchester United – English Premier League
  7. Real Madrid – La Liga (Spanish football League)
  8. AC Milan – Serie A (Italian Football League)
  9. New Jersey Devils – NHL
  10. New York Yankees – MLB

Top Sports 2010

As we tackle the year 2010 in action, sports are still increasingly attracting fans despite the financial crisis and economic situation that’s threatening the world.

As we take a look at our conducted sports statistics, we can easily recall the most popular sports online, in terms of searches and researches; the stats campaign was based on the best search engines in the world (, that almost delivered the same percentages that would favor a sport over the other.

Here’s a list of the most popular sports terms and most popular sports in the world:

  1. NFL – National Football League
  2. UFC – Ultimate Fighting Champion
  3. NBA – National Basketball Association
  4. WWE – World Wrestling
  5. PGA Tour – Golf and Tiger Woods
  6. Super Bowl 2010 – NFL
  7. NHL – National Hockey League
  8. Football Association (English Premier League)
  9. MLB – Major League Baseball
  10. Nascar

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