Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs in Walton’s first year? Chris Broussard weighs in | THE HERD

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Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to talk about the 2016-17 Los Angeles Lakers. They are currently 10-10, but will they make the playoffs?

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28 thoughts on “Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs in Walton’s first year? Chris Broussard weighs in | THE HERD

  1. Jonathan Nelson

    we've had the toughest schedule in the NBA to start and we're in the playoff picture. wait until we're healthy and catch a stretch against mid tier teams.

  2. Naruto can kill Goku

    Before we start to dominate the league in a couple years just know I was a fan before that period. Like if u was also

  3. Yaahboi52

    These wins we've had against ATL, Houston, Chicago. These wins were with an unhealthy Lakers squad with Randle in or out, DRuss been out. Two main components of LA success. And yet we still pull these wins out. Credit to the bench with Clarkson, Lou, and Swaggy P revived. Just watch when we have a healthy squad for the late run. That's if we can stay healthy #Playoffs

  4. JustPlaying2020

    agree. Lakers will not make it this year. I love what they are doing. There's hope! That's all I wanted from them this year.

  5. WhateverReally

    As a Lakers fan, I don't think we'll make the playoffs. Around the All-Star break, young teams tend not to do very well. In the East it wouldn't matter, but the West is so competitive that the Lakers will probably be in the 9-10 range in the West. But frankly, I don't care. We were a consensus bottom 3 team in the conference at the beginning of the season, and we've already gotten to playoff consideration in barely over a month. This season was all about establishing a system and Walton has done so in the space of a few weeks already. Now it's just about getting the young players experience individually and as a team.

    The bar is 35 wins for this season to be an unquestionable success in my mind. 30 wins would still be above the pre-season expectations.

    I will say this though, if the Lakers make the playoffs, Luke Walton is COTY

  6. Causatum

    lol utah is wayyyyyy better than portland right now…they are like the 2nd best defensive team so far and the portland is the 30th(the worst)…i really think the lakers will make the playoffs cuz they are deep…OKC, Blazers and grizz are one injured player away from being a lottery team…Blazers and Grizz are known to be plague with injuries every season and Westbrook right now is overdoing things in OKC and might suffer an injury if he continues to play like this…i have more hope with houston than those 3 other teams cuz Harden already carried a bunch of noobs to a 2nd seed finish 2 season ago when 85% of the game Howard was injured

  7. Shardul Yadav

    Boy if Lakers make the playoffs. It would be a slap to all those people who were saying that we are gonna have the worst record in the West.


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