Insanity – Who Is Shaun T?

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A new workout has hit the Beachbody shelves that was developed by fitness guru Shaun T called Insanity. Now, this name may scare you off at first, but it was developed to push you further than any other workout program out there, which is why the intense name of the workout. Insanity is not for your average person that does not have the dedication to working out and changing their body.

You may have heard the name Shaun T before as he has developed other popular workout programs such as Hip Hob Abs and Rockin Body, but what makes Shaun T so special and capable of producing these types of workout programs?

Shaun T always had a love for dance. He first started making that love of dance into his career when he attended Rowan University were he majored in sports science and also minored in dance/theater. The thing about Shaun T is that he actually used his love of dance to personally lose 50 pounds, which later helped him design his popular workout program Hip Hop Abs. After graduating from college, Shaun T decided to make his way from New Jersey out to Los Angeles.

Shaun T found success out in Los Angeles doing what he loved:dance. He choreographed and danced for singers such as Mariah Carey and Nick Carter and also starred in musicals such as Pippin and The Ten Commandments. He also worked with companies like Nike, Marc Jacobs and the Los Angeles Lakers.

He has choreographed quite a few events in his life, even though he is still young. He has choreographed the NCAA final 2 halftime show, Aaron and Nick Carter’s music tour, the movie Bring it On: All or Nothing, and also was involved with collaborating with Kathy Smith on her fitness program Project You Type Two.

Having a background in both sports science and dance he decided to put the two things together to develop a workout program that would help people lose weight while having fun dancing. In 2007, he developed Hip Hop Abs, which was his own development and techniques of working your abs without having to get on the floor. He incorporated his dance choreography into a simple and easy to learn workout program. He went even further with his love of dance and a year later developed Rockin Body, which utilizes the latest dance moves to shed any unwanted pounds and tone your body quickly.

Shaun T decided to take a little different approach with his latest Insanity workout. He decided to focus on his sports science background to come up with a high-intensity workout that would push anybody to their limits to reshape their body. He used a principle he calls MAX interval training, which goes beyond the normal interval training. Insanity is something that most people have never experienced with a workout program.

Shaun T currently travels around the United States to different fitness conventions and can be found teaching his Hip Hop Abs and Insanity workouts  at different fitness centers. He also still has his love of dance and likes to teach at dance studios as well.

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