New Orleans Pelicans vs LA Clippers Full Game Highlights / April 9 / 2017-18 NBA Season

🏀New Orleans Pelicans vs LA Clippers Full Game Highlights

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47 thoughts on “New Orleans Pelicans vs LA Clippers Full Game Highlights / April 9 / 2017-18 NBA Season

  1. Clarence Butler

    I hope the Pelicans realize who they are.The Bench not as strong as it cud be but AD can do some damage in these Playoffs (Wish we cudve grab Kendrick Perkins)

  2. Adzs

    Very proud Pelicans fan right now – makes you wonder what we could have done with Boogie still out there. Great team spirit shown since he went down, and the Mirotic pick up has been inspired! Demps need to be in executive of the year consideration, considering Alvin is being slept on for COTY

  3. Александр Данилов

    on 75 and 53 Rondo and AD performed old tricks from Paul and Griffith
    And Rondo with Holliday are like mini version of Paul and Harden
    P.S.7:32 😂😛

  4. Juan José Prieto Hurtado

    AAAAAADDDDDD!!!! I'm so happy to see my Pelicans at the PLAYOFFS. I know that it sounds terrible but the injury of Cousins helped the team to improve themselves, especially AD and the Mirotic pick up was excellent. Now the game tomorrow vs Spurs for the 4th or 5th place


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