LA Clippers

LA Clippers at San Antonio Spurs – April 8, 2017

The Clippers finish with six players scoring in double-digits led by DeAndre Jordan’s 17 points and 17 rebounds in their win over the Spurs, 98-87.

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  • The Spurs need to get it together. They can beat the Clippers, but for some reason they gp cold against them. Pop has to find a way to get these guys to play on at the highest level at all times. It can't just be Kawhi and everyone else. Aldridge is going to have to start playing like he's getting paid $20 million a year. This is ridiculous.

  • Clippers beat the Spurs? I wasn't expecting that LOL. Spurs don't lose at home that often. I see coach Gregg Popovich was yelling at his players in the huddle LOL. Gregg, yelling at your players when they play bad isn't the answer. I can't stand coaches who do that. My dad likes to yell and curse when he gets mad. That's why we've never gotten along.

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