Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat – December 14, 2016

Hassan Whiteside has a monster game with 26 points and 22 boards as the Heat take care of the Pacers at home.

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  • these youtuber is like he embraseed mcguder lile if u can do better and of course white side is a good player everyone knows his the best shot blocker in the whole nba

  • Indiana sucks and they should've beat Miami because Miami isn't good LOL. Hassan Whiteside is very good though. I see he had 26 points and 22 rebounds. How many blocks did he have? Paul George of Indiana wore some ugly yellow sneakers hahahahahahahahahahahaha. He should've wore some black sneakers. Most of his teammates wore black sneakers. Miami doesn't have that many scorers and that's why they won't make the playoffs. It's hard for them to score a lot of points.