Cleveland Cavaliers at Indiana Pacers – February 8, 2017

Kyrie Irving and Kyle Korver each score 29 points as the Cavaliers defeat the Pacers 132-117.

1 thought on “Cleveland Cavaliers at Indiana Pacers – February 8, 2017

  1. Keith Witcher

    Good win for Cleveland over Indiana. I see Kyle Korver was on fire with 29 points. He made 8-9 three pointers. Kyrie Irving had 29 points. I don't know how many points Lebron James had. I'm disappointed that Lebron, Kyrie and Kevin Love may not play tonight against Oklahoma on TNT network. Coach Tyronn Lue said he might rest them and that's not fair to the Oklahoma fans who wanna see them play. Cleveland only comes to Oklahoma once a year. If they wanna rest, let them rest at their home games in Cleveland LOL. NBA players in the 80's and 90's would've never rested. I'm so sick of these new NBA players wanting to rest because they're tired. If you wanna rest, that's what the NBA offseason is for LOL.


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