Andre Roberson POWERS It Home Over the Pacers | 02.06.17

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Andre Roberson throws down a strong dunk over Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers.

19 thoughts on “Andre Roberson POWERS It Home Over the Pacers | 02.06.17

  1. Kawhi Not

    Yall niggas who be sayin the Spurs would be a playoff team without Kawhi need to suck a dick. Yall blind asf Kawhi carries the Spurs to Ws. Nigga averages more than 7 PPG in the 4th Q and the Spurs scored 9 in the 4th today. smh

  2. Stopping LeTards Since 2003

    Good thing im only seeing bronsexuals saying LEBUM is goat and top 3 all time shit..any logical NBA fan knows that's not true

  3. bruh,

    seeing guys go from the 3 point line to the rim in one dribble is always a good reminder of how long these dudes are. I need 2 off the dribble, 3 from a standing position. granted, my first step aint the quickest


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