5 Changes the Cavs NEED to Make to Save Their Season!

Despite surviving a home scare against the Indiana Pacers in double overtime tonight, the Cavs have serious problems that they clearly need to address in preparation for the NBA playoffs. With their struggles this late into the season, it is fair to wonder whether they will make it past the Eastern Conference playoffs at all. In this video, I give 5 different suggestions on what needs to change to avoid a full blown collapse this year. Hope you like it!

What do you think the Cavs need to do to improve their playoff outlook? Comment below!

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‘The Cavs Might Actually Be Trouble’

“After making six straight NBA Finals, LeBron James and his teams have earned the benefit of the doubt when they hit a rough patch. His Heat and Cavaliers teams have shown they can turn things around in a hurry, almost as if all they needed to do is flip a switch to revert to their dominant selves.

But, my, what a rough patch they’re in. The club, which entered Thursday in a virtual tie with Boston for first place in the East, has dropped 10 of its last 17 games. Six of those defeats have been by double digits, including each of their last four1. Perhaps most troubling: The team’s defense has been the NBA’s worst throughout the month of March, which is saying a lot, given how many teams aren’t really trying to win anymore.

It’s becoming harder and harder to ignore what Cleveland’s play might mean for the Cavs’ chances of repeating as champs. This may be the weakest LeBron team we’ve seen this late in a season since his finals streak began in 2011. Our NBA win prediction model gives Cleveland a 2 percent chance of winning it all, less than teams such as Boston, Washington and Toronto.2 And while that seems surprising, it shouldn’t be: Cleveland’s recent struggles are testing the limits of how strong a team’s defense needs to be to win a championship.”

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21 thoughts on “5 Changes the Cavs NEED to Make to Save Their Season!

  1. Aulo

    I've been saying liggins should get more minutes since before all star break and it shows in that nuggets game. I feel like lue is an incompetent Coach and is stopping guys like Felder and liggins from reaching true potential


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