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Rocket Lose Game 3 To Utah Jazz After A Disastrous Show

The Utah Jazz defeated the Houston Rockets 81-67 in the Game 3 of the playoff series and now they have pulled within 2-1 in the best of 7 game series. This was the lowest scoring total by the Rockets in a playoff game ever. Just four players from the Rockets scored during the game.

Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy did not make an attempt to even try and say anything positive about the way his team performed. And, neither did he mince his words.

He was critical about the starters. He said that they were downright awful; but then he was also critical of the bench and the coaching.

The Rockets won the first two games of the series and if they lose again in Game 4, the series would be tied at 2-2, which would be extremely disappointing for them as they would then move to Houston for Game 5.

Van Gundy said that the team would have to play better and also improve their mentality. He also said that he would have to coach the Rockets better as the team was poorly prepared, which was quite evident in Game 3.

Houston’s reserves were completely shut out and all the scoring was left to Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. There is not strange about that but usually McGrady and Yao Ming get a little help from the others.

McGrady said that the fact that most of his teammates did not score was pretty evident and he did not giving them a talking to as they would have realized once they checked the stat sheet.

The Jazz still trail the Rockets by a game and if they lose the Game 4, this victory would become meaningless for them.

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