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Nike Statement jersey vs. Adidas black jersey

Tonight, the “Statement” jersey for the Rockets was officially revealed. How does it compare with last year’s Adidas black jersey?

Tonight was an exciting night for basketball fans. Nike had an event in which they showed off all of their new “Statement” jerseys for all 30 teams.

The jerseys were all leaked earlier in the day when NBA 2K18 had them as playable options. For the Rockets, the design of the jersey was all but confirmed, since the black one last was such a fan favorite.

The newer design of the Nike jersey comes with a few changes. Most of the changes, though, have to do with the collar and the lining of the jersey.

Take a look at Trevor Ariza rocking the new look in the third image of this tweet:

Differences between the new jersey and the old jersey

There are subtle differences between the two jerseys. Let’s examine them, shall we?

First off, here is a picture of Trevor Ariza in last year’s jersey:

SAN ANTONIO, TX – MAY 01: Kawhi Leonard #2 of the San Antonio Spurs dribbles the ball against Trevor Ariza #1 of the Houston Rockets in the second quarter during Game One of the NBA Western Conference Semi-Finals at AT&T Center on May 1, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Now compare that jersey to the one in the tweet above or in the one below on NBA 2K18.

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The collar is a completely different style than last year. The basic text is the same as the Adidas one, but the sides are now a different shade of gray than before. The Nike logo is also the same gray in the 2K version, as opposed to the Adidas one which is…well…non-existent due to the 50th-anniversary patch. In the for sale ones, though, the Adidas logo is white. In the actual jersey, the Nike logo will be white.

The collar is now a solid red instead of a red line like what is on the Adidas jersey. Also, the lines are not consistent with the sides this year, as the new ones are that gray.

There are very slight differences in the two jerseys. If you liked them last year, you should like them again this season. What do you think of the Statement jerseys? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!

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