Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets Interested In Trade For Wilson Chandler!!! NBA Trade Rumors

The Houston Rockets are interested in a trade for Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler! – NBA Trade Rumors

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  • Houston-Chandler, Mike Miller
    Denver- Brewer, Kj, Ennis and 1st pick.

    The trade can be much simpler without miller, but Denver would need space for the players. Plus they get a 1st round pick and the other teams interested would have a much lower 1st pick in the up coming draft which is why teams are hesitant in a loaded draft.

    If i'm Houston and i somehow get W.Chandler, Im calling Chicago for a straight up Ariza/Gibson swap..both teams win Chi needs 3pt shooting and Houston needs a paint protector. Plus Chi aint re-signing gibson so why not get value.

  • Brewer has 8 mil on a expiring contact, he will have to be used to match. u can also throw in kj n two 2nd round picks.

  • This man gets little respect. Highly talented scorer who sits down and plays defense. I don't know much about his personality or temperament but he has always been solid. NY should've never gave him up.