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Extra conditioning boosts Rockets – Houston Chronicle

Published 4:34 pm, Friday, September 29, 2017

When the Rockets final practice of the week was complete on Friday, Rockets guard James Harden and forward Trevor Ariza, the two most tenured members of the team, wanted more. They took to the Toyota Center steps and began sprinting up and down the lower bowl. They were not being punished.

“I do it a lot, fairly often,” Harden said. “I don’t have to show it. Just put in the work, man. Give yourself the best chance every single season. That’s everything. Diet and getting your proper rest is a big part of that, but making sure the conditioning, not just any conditioning but proper conditioning, ties in with your basketball skills.”

Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni said that the first week of camp has gone particularly well because there was no need to concentrate extensively on conditioning and because veteran newcomers have picked up the Rockets system quickly. Asked if he could push extra hard on Friday heading into an off day, D’Antoni said he has been able to go full speed every day and has not had to slow down to teach as much as last season.

“Credit to Javair (Gillett), strength and conditioning coach and our staff for being there, knowing how to train us, not just running us to the ground,” Harden said. “There’s different ways of training, smart ways. Our team and our coaching staff has done a great job of that. We have to continue to build, continue to get in top shape and then offensively, get on the same page, get clicking together and then, the sky’s the limit for us.” 


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