Houston Rockets

Are The Rockets The Biggest Threat To The Warriors?

Sean Anderson and Dave Oster discuss if the Houston Rockets are the biggest threat to the Warriors in the West.

(Recorded on: February 24th, 2017)

Sean- @Schwarbo
Dave – @Dave_Dont_Tweet

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  • Watching the Rockets success now just proves to me how better of a possible championship team is without Dwight Howard. Harden finally decided to throw away defense and imbrace what he is and what he can do best. Dishing out the ball and dropping 30 a night. I think they can take the Warriors in 7 in a hard series but possibly in 6 if Curry doesn't show up like he did against the Cavs.

  • The Rockets have improved from last year and the Warriors have taken a step back. Right now the Rockets are playing with a lot of momentum and they believe they can win against everyone. The Warriors are good but they have not meshed as well as they did last year.

  • Spurs are a bigger threat to Golden State than the Houston Rockets. Spurs are well coached and Greg Popavich will make adjustments to slow down the Warriors.