Golden State Warriors

What’s Next For The Golden State Warriors!? Vince Carter Or Ray Allen To Join?

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  • The fact you would take anything away from KD for his ring but not Lebrons? When he went himself the first time without other stars against the Spurs he got mopped. He then put his talent together with a former Champion who had a lot left at the time in Wade, and at the time a great Bosch. At the time Miami was considered what the Warriors are now, the best in the league hands down. Then They can't keep winning in the finals, so he goes to Cleveland with one of the best Scoring and ball handling G's around along with some of his old guys, other quality players and Kevin Love and a wild card in Tristan Thompson. But Kd adds one more star than Lebron did and somehow it's worse. Lebron had as much help in his titles and has lost a lot too. You are biased for even considering an opinion that the biased fans cooked up in the first place. You can't be unbiased about KD without being unbiased toward your beloved LBJ as well. He made super teams a thing, then gets beat by one and all the sudden thats not fair, it's cheap, it's too easy blah blah blah. Sounds like someone is bitter that another team has a super team other than Lebrons Squad for once.

  • Vince Carter could get a ring if he goes to the Warriors. He is already quite old. So, he would mostly be on the bench, but getting a ring would be a good end to his almost 20 year NBA career.

  • Bro Ray Allen is out the NBA since lebron and the heat please take this shit off 😂 he even said he's done

  • No Steve Kerr is overrated af Greg is way better than him as a coach he's way too overrated as a coach and that's facts 💯

  • What;s next for GS?…… NOTHING! Simply great games to come and a possible 2peat in a row by 2018. Sign in other great players (as long as it fits the line-up and salary cap) who are near their retirement year to give them a chance for the Ring! That's what can make a BIG difference for being the best management…