Stephen Curry reminds Russell Westbrook who he is

Stephen Curry, the two-time MVP, had to remind Russell Westbrook who he is during the Golden State Warriors’ big win over the OKC Thunder.

The Internet lost it’s collective mind when Russell Westbrook threw shade at Stephen Curry. When asked for a comment after Curry said he thinks James Harden is this year’s MVP, Westbrook asked “who’s he?” Twitter rejoiced as the Brodie took that shot.

Curry refused to engage, opting to stay out of it when asked about Westbrook’s comment. He didn’t need to engage in a silly war of words with a guy he’s consistently dominated for years now. He let his play do the talking.

Perhaps Westbrook doesn’t remember who Curry is because all of those threes being dropped on his head gave him some amnesia. Maybe he doesn’t remember Curry getting to the rim at will because he was too turned around. It’s possible he doesn’t remember Curry from the beatdown he  handed him in Games 5-7 of the Western Conference Finals.

Steph Curry made sure Russell Westbrook remembered who he was though. In their fourth matchup of the season, the two-time MVP showed the MVP-hopeful that he’s pretty good at basketball. It was a one-sided affair all night.

Westbrook had just 15 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists. He shot 25 percent from the field and made just 1/6 from three. He also had 5 turnovers and 4 fouls.

Curry had 23 points, 4 rebounds, and 6 assists. He shot 47 percent and and made 7/12 three-pointers. He had 5 turnovers of his own, but he controlled the game otherwise.

He scored the Warriors’ first eight points, knocking down two threes over Westbrook to start. Curry then stole the ball and threw down the two handed dunk in transition. He celebrated on the court as the Thunder called timeout.

The two teams came together for a jump ball that was interrupted for a scuffle. Curry took exception to some contact from Semaj Christon as the teams lined up and he shoved him back. Curry, Christon, Westbrook, and Draymond Green all received technical fouls.

Right after, Klay Thompson saved the ball from going out of bounds after the jump ball and launched a pass all the way downcourt to Curry. The greatest shooter caught it, stepped, and launched. He splashed it and ran into the locker room.

Curry embarrassed Westbrook. He kept shedding the Thunder star running around screens. He outdid him, deflating the entire city of OKC with every moon shot three he hit.

Westbrook has taken jabs at Curry dating back to the WCF. Since then, the Golden State superstar has taken everything he else. He took Westbrook’s chance at going to the Finals, the best teammate he’ll ever play with, and his lunch money time and time again.

Westbrook may do what he wants on his team, but Curry does what he wants against the Thunder, as he’s beaten them seven straight times. Maybe he’ll think twice before he asks “who’s he?” when referring to Curry. He should be very familiar with his work as the best point guard in the league.

And when it comes to MVPs, Stephen Curry knows a thing or two.


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