Shaun Livingston defends Golden State Warriors’ toughness

The Golden State Warriors have had the first half of a season that most people believed they would after adding Kevin Durant to an already star-studded roster. At 43-8, the currently hold the top seed in the Western Conference and have the best record in the NBA.

Two of those eight losses have come at the hands of the Memphis Grizzlies, a knock-down-drag-out team that likes to muddy up the fast-paced style of play the Warriors thrive in. Shaun Livingston was asked Wednesday morning why he thinks the Grizzlies have so much success against the Warriors.

“They grind it out. That’s just their style of game,” said Livingston. “They’re a tough team. And they’re disciplined.”

Livingston was then asked if it’s fair to say the Warriors aren’t as tough as other teams in the NBA.

“We’re more skilled than other teams, I think it’s how you look at it,” Livingston said. “What does that mean? Just because guys are bigger than us, they’re tougher than us?”

“Maybe it’s because it’s a bunch of light-skinned guys out there they thinking we ain’t as tough, I don’t know. Whatever the appearance may be…you got to get over that, because the proof is in the pudding.”

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