Golden State Warriors

Report: Warriors adding a throwback jersey to their 2017-2018 Nike uniform closet

According to Conrad Burry on, the Golden State Warriors will be one of eight teams blessed by Nike and the NBA to carry a “Classic” uniform for the 2017-2018 season. And it might not have been the one you expected!

Or, it maybe was. The likeliest throwback design to reemerge (and sell a million units) is, and always will be, the iconic “The City” set from 1967-1968. [Author’s note: I’m wearing the shorts from that set as I type this.] While we will most definitely see The City on the court again in the future, this coming season we will instead see the second most likely candidate get run.

That would be the jersey they wore from 1971-1975, and the one worn in their first championship since moving to the Bay. Incredible props to Conrad for including the above image of Warriors mega-legends Nate Thurmond and Jim Barnett in his report.

This isn’t the first time the Warriors have brought back this set. Baron Davis and the We Believers also graced the court with the road rendition back in 2007-2008 (seen above), and the home version was also reintroduced in 2011-2012:

Freaking gorgeous. While The City is rightfully revered as one of the best designs to ever grace the hardwood for its originality and bombast, part of me actually likes this set better. The funky western-style typeface, the Bay-starred California logo — it was the introduction of “Golden State” as the team’s identified origin, and has all of the elements that informed what we think of as Warriors Basketball Aesthetic when we close our eyes. Unless you’re a deranged sadist and instead see Bimbo Coles covered in lightning bolts, in which case I would recommend calling your medical professional as soon as possible.

It’s not yet known whether they will wear the home yellows or road blues, or whether Nike is going to futz with the design beyond adapting it to their new “chassis”. We also don’t know how often they’ll wear these. They’ll have a full wardrobe to choose from this year, as every team will have four designs at their disposal at some point — this Classic set is the fifth. Plenty more NBA jersey news to come this offseason!

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