Golden State Warriors: Will They Retain 1-Seed ? | 2016-17 NBA Season

Does Kevin Durant’s injury mean Golden State will slip in the standings? 2016-17 NBA season Full Game Highlights Regular March Mar 1st 1 2016 2017 Cavs …

33 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors: Will They Retain 1-Seed ? | 2016-17 NBA Season

  1. Stephortless #FuckLeHELP

    Warriors will win the title back and beat Lavs 4-1 I'll be back to this comment in June .. bookmark it niggas

  2. TehLemonsRUs

    "Curry will save them"… he's choking atm so he might actually make the team do worse unless he gets back into gear again.

  3. Jose Rivas

    FInally no more easy road to finals in the west(east left to wonder) Warriors 1seed, 1st- Nuggets, 2nd- Clippers or jazz, 3rd- Rockets or Spurs

    If Spurs take 1 seed and warriors land 2nd in the west then: 1st- Okc, 2nd- Rockets(if they win), 3rd- Spurs(if they get there)

    Very happy if they do, will be a fun playoffs too watch, Russ Revenge, The Beard Revenge, and SPURS!!!

  4. Kurukafa Selami

    Everybody speaks of bench. Iggy and Livingston out there. Harrison Barnes, Ezeli and Bogut were not scoring well but they were good defensively, they can only miss Barbosa from the bench. Durant is a big loss but this won't change more if Curry returns his performence in January.

  5. Crip Pikachu

    This man said 3 all stars ? No no no Steph, and KD is the only Allstars on the warriors Klay and Draymond are superstars

  6. anas ahmed

    You can't expect Steph to just "go back" to being mvp Steph, I don't really like him but tbh that's unfair on him mvp form isn't something you can just switch on or off, the team has changed the roster has changed and let's be honest not even Curry looks the same as last season, he's had a lot more off nights compared to last season (not hating just stating facts), he's still been good but we can't expect him to just automatically become the player he was last season.

  7. Klay Thompson MVP

    This made me feel so much better 🙂
    Plus I got to see how our Finals competitor plays.. and man is Isaiah good.

  8. Jie Zhang

    Hillary almost started celebrating her election before the presidential result came out. Warriors were 95% sure to win the title last year before the Game 7. And now, fans have had the ranking prior to the postseason. LOL

  9. gorrow1990

    If the Spurs cared, they would be able to get the 1 seed. I think they'll get it if Durant is out for the rest of the regular season though.

  10. Daniel Hutson

    yes we can stay the number one see without Durant we just got to play good basketball and win these games on the road we got to work on our turnovers


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