Draymond Green on Warriors/Cavs Rivalry: “LeBron James is Full of Sh!t”

There’s no rivalry between the Cavs and Warriors. That is, if you ask LeBron James. But Draymond Green just doesn’t see it that way. In a recent interview, Draymond called LeBron out for his blatant disrespect of the Golden State Warriors, claiming that he wants to DESTROY Cleveland if they meet in the Finals for a third straight year.

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43 thoughts on “Draymond Green on Warriors/Cavs Rivalry: “LeBron James is Full of Sh!t”

  1. NeoViny

    How can someone respect green after this big mouth kicks other guys balls? no class at all… just talking trash over and over again. please bring back guys like magic that you can look up to…

  2. Odell 13 Giants

    Fumble I have news about warriors ANTHONY DAVIS IS GOING TO THE WARRIORS AND STEPHEN OR KLAY IS GOING TO the pelicans I'm not kidding or joking I saw on the news so Currys on pelicans I'm serious

  3. TheLegend27

    LeBaby got his way when he stepped over Draymond and tech on Draymond. But, the league really only cares about their superstars so…

  4. alex lorsomran

    It's all about perspective. Lebron has always been great and played a lot of great teams "rivals" this is dramonds first time so he's not use to it

  5. Baller Baby

    I guess Gaymond wants to get his teeth knocked out next time LBJ seems him for always having a take on his contemparary, what makes him think he on LBJ level. Draymond gay as hell for LBJ why he take it personal

  6. DJ Academicz

    Really irritates me how people say "Draymond should of never got suspended." MF, he was kicking balls all regular season and then a vicious one to the sack of Steven Adams. Fake tough guy, Dennis Rodman would sort him out in 1 quarter.

  7. Spurs TiliDie

    Cavs vs Warriors is almost a rival, it would take for both teams to meet up in the Finals once again to establish that which I think one of the two won't make it this year, there are alot of good teams that can derail that trilogy


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