Golden State Warriors

Do The Warriors Need Steve Kerr In Order To Win? | First Take | May 3, 2017

Stephen A. Smith shares his thoughts on if it is necessary for Steve Kerr to coach the Golden State Warriors in order for them to win.

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  • How often do you see Kerr acting in the game? He's not instrumental. Look at the difference between him and Popovich on the court.

  • They don't need Kerr as of right now, but they would not be who they are right now without him.

  • glad that kerr won a ring as a coach. What sucks is the warriors was almost to where they are now when mark jackson was the coach he got them to this point. But when he had them curry couldn't walk anywhere without spraining or twisting his ankle. Soon as they get rid of him the team that never was healthy with him all of a sudden started to play like they had the phoenix suns training staff. If mark had this warriors team when he was coaching i know he would of won a ring with that team as well.

  • Hell fucking no! They have that sorry ass coach that coached the Cavs back in the day in that spot. The coach position is the most overrated position in sports, IMO.

  • Man I can coach that team.. They won 22 straight without Kerr last year.. he's just along for the ride

  • alienxmz Coaching is a really overrated factor at times. If you have championship caliber talent, no matter the coaching, if the leaders of your team are truly students of the game, they should figure things out. Coaches are just there to make unbiased decisions.

  • Mark Jackson put together that team (- Durant) and Kerr took over a couple years ago and gets all the praise for it. smh ! Steve Kerr is an overrated head coach.

    A lot like Eric Spoelstra with the Heat back in 2010-2014. Pat Riley put together that team and Spoelstra just happened to be the Head Coach at the time.

    You could literally get a homeless bum off the street and he could "coach" super star teams and win championships with that level of talent on the rosters.

  • The team may run fine without Kerr for a while because they are set in an effectively successful system. But overtime, all it takes is for some coach with the ignorant mindset of "Stephen A.Smith" to think.. he can ride talent. But, if they can't maintain that vision, and keep that respect and connect with each player.. then the team will get divided. The culture kerr set is the main reason why the team is successful. How do you get Iggy to play off the bench and other guys to buy in? Talent is not all that wins.. It's unity and a system where everyone feels important because they are used rightly. Listen to videos where he is talking to Curry and others during the game; he is shaping their perspective. Also, Kerr is needed against top teams like rockets and especially Cavs. Coaching starts way before a team hits the court. it's way beyond writing up plays. Kerrs effectively is still influencing the warriors play so in other words; they are not playing without him.

  • The Warriors were a playoff team with Mark Jackson coaching them, he put the nucleus of this team together. Steve Kerr inherited a very good team, he did not have to build it. I think that the Warriors would be just as good without Steve Kerr.

  • lowkey Lebron using money outa his own pocket to pay steve ker to pretend to be hurt so he can win another championship and lebrons desperate since hes running outta time to surpass jordans 6 rings so he could pay like 500 million to steve ker and cmon who would say no to that