Golden State Warriors

Did Losing to the Golden State Warriors Tarnish the Legacy of Lebron James?


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  • LeBron James' legacy was ruined forever the second the Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals, it always hurt Chris Bosh's and Dwyane Wade's legacy for not showing up. Why does Yung Mustard not have at least 10,000 subscribers already???

  • Can just say that GSW needed to make the most stacked team in history to beat a 32 year old Lebron with a bench who averaged like 7 pts

  • The truth is every time a Dynasty comes along in the NBA it's a super team. At the end of the day people feel sorry for LeBron and they feel they need to point out the obvious so people will focus on how great he is and how great he played in the Finals. It might not be seem fair but it is. Look at all the east that didn't stand a chance against the Cavs you don't think they feel like it's not fair that LeBron plays with Irving and Love and no one kind stop them. The Dubs just took that Mojo away from the Cavs when they got to the finals and they had to come back to reality. For people who wanna say the east was that sorry well your right and that's my point, the Cavs are a super team in the east and nobody felt sorry for those much weaker teams they embarrassed. If Jordan would've gotten pass the Pistons earlier in his career and took a L from the Lakers that's the breaks and only if he kept taking L's would it look bad. No one is so great that it dosen't matter how many L's they take on the biggest stage, it also though it doesn't ruin your career either. Winning Chips doesn't define your career but if you put it out there that you wanna be the greatest to ever play the game it does matter when it comes to that. That's why his buddy D-Wade said "that ship has sailed".