Are the Golden State Warriors Ready for the NBA Finals?

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13 thoughts on “Are the Golden State Warriors Ready for the NBA Finals?

  1. Commandosoap777

    yes ur right they did it 2 days eariler than last year. And i say no but almost they need a soild 3rd string pg(thought it could be that guy we just cut he was a great fit) and develop macadoo and jones more

  2. Alex Whitman

    Utah is really intriging to me. The warriors dont wanna play Utah or memphis tbh both are powerhouses when it comes to defense and with utah they can score well.

  3. FN-2187

    Do a video on the Cavs acquiring Andrew Bogut and Deron Williams, & How you feel it will impact that team/NBA. Great videos btw !! ????

  4. Tiago Zimermann

    You really underrate the Rockets they'll go to the semifinals and they will take the Spurs to at least 6 games

  5. Tiago Zimermann

    And another thing: The only team that can take the title away from the Warriors this year is the Spurs. If not, they will easily beat the Cavs in the finals (5 or 6 games)


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