Golden State Warriors

2017 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors/Players Getting on Barkley


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  • If it wasn't for the Warriors in the west, LA Clippers would be in the finals. I also would like to see the Celtics represent the east.

  • +Doknot1999 im glad youre back doknot i have a request this may weird and i know this show is old but can you please review the nicklodeon cartoon danny phantom i would really appreciate ive become obssessed with that show ever since someone mentioned it on your raven 's home preview video that cartoon has changed my life in ways you cant understand so can you please review it i would love that very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome Vid Doknot , Congrats on Wining your The Championship w/ the Spurs on NBA 2K17 , and Lastly I think We Might see Part 4 and Maybe a 5 of the Cavs vs Warriors NBA FINALS Rivary Because Their the Kings of Burying Teams Shovel Style every Season for the Last 3 Years , they're is like No Challenge that could Knock the Monster Teams of the Spurs and The Warriors, Dude !!!!!!!!!!!