Detroit Pistons

Will There Ever Be A New 2004 Detroit Pistons? | NBA Title With No Top Star?

They were pretty good man
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  • Celtics doesn't have much paint presence :/ Besides, Thomas is a superstar, so they don't really fit the 04 Pistons mold. Hawks and Jazz are probably the closest, maybe Grizzlies as well (if only Parsons didn't decide to be a complete bum)

  • It's funny. In this video, Diabetic talked about the Raptors possibly getting Ibaka if we didn't get Millsap. We just traded Ross for Ibaka 😛

  • The Serge trade happened!!!!! Between you and Korzemba making predictions one of y'all two had to be right eventually and it finally happened for you Diabetic!

  • Just a FYI…Sheed wore #30 in 2004 with the Pistons and then changed it the year after. The 04 team was just magic, my favorite team of all time and I don't think there will ever be a team quite like that one. Great video man

  • Yea they had 4 who were good on defense AND offense and then 1 who was the best defensive player in the league and knew who to throw down when it was time for his dunks…

    I would say Billups, Sheed, and Ben really were superstars if you look at the way they played BUT they knew how to share the ball and play defense too well to ever be labeled as a true NBA superstar player.

  • I think 1977 supersonics were also an underdog. They didnt have a star player, their best player was Dennis Johnson but they worked together well

  • That Blazers team with Roy and Aldridge were almost there. I mean, yeah they were all-stars but they weren't "The" All-stars.

  • Here's all the reasons why the 2004 Pistons is the greatest team ever: The 2004 Pistons hold the record for holding teams under 70 points and beating those teams by an average of 27 points, 1996 Bulls didn't do that even with Pippen, Rodman and Harper who were three of the leagues best defenders… The 2004 Pistons had 4 players on the All Star Team and the 1996 Bulls didn't… Ben Wallace was first undrafted NBA player to win a NBA championship, Defensive Player Of The Year 4 times, 2 Rebounding Titles, a Shot Blocking title and played in 4 All Star Games… With the Pistons up 2 points in a playoff game with the Division rival Indiana Pacers Tayshawn Prince whose stingy defense on Tracy McGrady the year before helped the Pistons come back from a 3-1 deficit and win the series vs the Orlando Magic now came up with the biggest block in playoff history on the future hall of famer Reggie Miller to win the game with what everyone now calls "The Block"… After retiring and moving into the broadcasting booth, Reggie Miller was asked which current player in the NBA remind him of himself and he quickly said Rip Hamilton, and when Scottie Pippen was asked the exact same question he said it was Tayshawn Prince… The 2004 Pistons starting 5 was so good that Jerry Colangelo who is in charge of putting together the Dream Team roster wanted to use the Pistons starting 5 in the 2005 Olympics and only use other NBA players as backups until other NBA players started complaining about the idea he was pondering, the 1996 Bulls never played that good that they were ever in consideration for an honor such as that… The 2004 Pistons had the biggest sporting events fight in history, sorry the 1996 Bulls didn't do that historic feat either… The 2004 Pistons were picked to get swept but beat a Lakers team with Shaq (HOF), Kobe (HOF), Karl Malone (HOF), Gary Payton (HOF), Horace Grant, Rick Fox, Phil Jackson and Dereck Fisher and the 1996 Bulls beat a Seattle Sonic team with no great players but Gary Payton (HOF) and Shawn Kemp lol… Jordan a selfish bum who makes no one on the team better… Pippen, Rodman, Harper and Kukoc was the only ballers on that team… And without Rodman who's a lifelong Piston, they weren't a great team not like the 2004 Pistons who took the 1990 Pistons 90.0 scoring average for opponents down 20 more points in a league with no hand-checking… Who would sign a rival teams player? Only the desperate Bulls… And the fake Bulls fans acted like they hated the Pistons but probably wanted Isiah and Laimbeer on the Bulls roster too… And the Bulls admired the Detroit Pistons so much that they even signed Ben Wallace and Rip Hamilton 😂😂😂😂… Its nice when the whole league want to be the Motown Brawlers because the 2004 Pistons had the best chemistry of any team ever… #PistonGang

  • The 2015 warriors didn't have any transcendent players either since Warriors haters say that steph sucks

  • Winning a championship with one star is rare enough. But winning without any? 04 Pistons were really something else. Also, can't forget they took the Spurs to seven games the very next year. Really impressive.

  • I'm going to talk about Ben Wallace forever, as a 6 year old Piston fan he was and still is my favorite player, greatest I drafted player of all time

  • As a piston fan. I think what made them great is that almost all starters (may except ben) could find the mismatch and post them up. And although not extremely tall they had good size from 1 to 5 which also are great defenders. The Piston sheed wasn't even in his prime but with big shot at point man he's just very good at setting the tempo that made sheed just as effective as in his prime days/

  • If Larry Brown did not sell out they would one more than one championship they would have won three or four but you know that's how it goes layer Brown sold it out then left thought he was going to build another team like the Pistons didn't know that that was his only chance to be with that franchise and when multiple with that franchise but hatch to those players my favorite ever Detroit Pistons for life you guys are ready no check out my comments for you is Detroit Pistons for life Ben Wallace Chauncey Billups Rashid Tayshaun Prince and you already know Rip Hamilton yeah that's how we do things there will never be another team like that that team changed the whole game if you really watch them every team had to switch change their philosophy change everything when it comes to playing the Pistons cuz that defense Ben Wallace and nobody coming in the land nobody was going to get by Rasheed from the other side The Mask man Rip Hamilton and you already know little Reggie Miller right there I'll take them over Reggie Miller and Ray Allen in the same time cuz Rip Hamilton got that hard and mr. Big Shot what can we say about mr. Big Shot and all those threes late shots Lake Clark shots everything man that guy used to make all of us go nuts in in Detroit you understand me shout out to all of them and pay some up there will never be another Pistons