What changes are needed this offseason for the Pistons?

Tom Gores was vocal at halftime of the Detroit Pistons second to last game versus the Raptors. What changes could he be talking needs to be made?

The Detroit Pistons season is over, and they find themselves sitting on the couch watching 16 teams fight for a title in the playoffs.

For the second straight year, and 3 of the last 4 years, the Pistons will not be fighting for a title past the regular season.

Pistons Owner Tom Gores expressed to the public that he wouldn’t talk about anything moving forward until after the season ended.

However, at halftime of the Pistons second to last game against the Raptors, Gores spoke to the media concerning the teams present state and its future.

Gores confirmed to the public that “changes” will be made, and that this season was a disappointment. While he acknowledged that Reggie Jackson’s ankle injury flipped the Pistons season on its head, he said injuries happen and you can’t make excuses.

The main topic is certainly the job security of Stan Van Gundy. Gores said he has not made up his mind on Van Gundy, and wouldn’t even think about making any course of acton without meeting with his “partner” of four years.

Gores said he and Van Gundy will meet next week in Los Angeles.

Of course, what every Piston fan has been yelling about is  Van Gundy.

Will he remain as head coach of the Detroit Pistons?

Will he remain the President of Basketball Operations?

Will he remain as both moving into next year?

After watching the Gores interview, those who want Van Gundy gone are seemingly encouraged that he’ll be let go. Gores was very clear In the fact that this is unacceptable, and that the past two seasons have been clear disappointments.

However, those thinking “changes” automatically mean Van Gundy should press the brakes.

After I watched his interview, I didn’t come away believing that Gores was pointing it all at Van Gundy.

Also, while Gores was clearly disappointed and criticized Van Gundy, he also seemed to have praised Van Gundy for what he is to the organization and complimented him whenever he can.

Gores also says in the video that he doesn’t know what changes need to be made, and will talk to Va Gundy to find out.

Check out the video for my thoughts on Gores statements.

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