Detroit Pistons

Rasheed Wallace Says ’04 Pistons Could Beat Today’s Warriors | The Jump | ESPN

Rasheed Wallace joins The Jump and stands by his statement that the ’03-04 Detroit Pistons could beat the ’16-17 Golden State Warriors.

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  • I'm sorry rasheed.
    Ur a legend. that pistons team was fire, but your on crackkkk. i hate the warriors very badly…. but they'd sweep em.. even today's cavs would beat em…. there's a reason why they won 73 games…. I hate the warriors especially after getting Durant, but i love the nba/basketball…. and I'm realistic. they'd destroy that pistons team.

  • The matchups are super fun, down the line:

    Steph and Chauncey talking shit to each other.
    Rip and Klay running each other ragged around a zillion screens.
    Prince at least has the length and speed to make KD work for his points.
    Sheed and Draymond would murder each other.
    And Ben Wallace would gobble up Zaza and terrorize the rest of the team with his help D.

    That being said the Warriors are way too good offensively and Detroit couldn't keep up with them. Warriors in 5.

  • Ben Wallace Hall of Fame Resume'
    *5 time All NBA
    *6 time All Defense
    4 time All Star (only undrafted player to start)
    4 time DPOTY (back to back twice)
    *2x NBA rebound leader
    *1x NBA block leader (shortest ever)
    *1 of 5 players ALL TIME to lead the NBA in rebounds and blocks in the same season.
    *1 of 10 ALL TIME to amass 10,000 rebounds and 2,000 blocks.
    *1 of 8 all time to get at least 2,000 blocks and 1,000 steals.
    *Only player in NBA history to grab 1,000 rebounds, 150 blocks, and 100 steals in 4 straight seasons.
    *only player to have more blocks than fouls AND more steals than turnovers.
    *NBA champion
    * 3 top 10 MVP finishes
    *Best individual defensive rating all time (87 in 2004)

  • under '04 rule set, i would pick pistons without a doubt, but the nba plays like sissy nowadays, '04 pistons would be all fouled out before the game is over.

  • That dude needs to remember how much Big Ben scored on the Finals championship clincher against Shaq and the Lakers.

  • i think teams like the 04 pistons will give the warriors trouble because of their depth and length on defense, their starting 5 has alot of length and versatility, prince would give kd headaches , ben can be up on every screen , and also protect the rim with sheed,

    and the 96 bulls had ron harper which is a great defender that is 6'6, mj a great defender 6'6 also. and pippen who is 6'8 they can matchup evenly,

    the cavs dont have enough versatility on defense, if lebron didnt guard kd he scored easily, jefferson is too old, shumpert too small , they need more wing defenders or just more versatile guys

  • if they played today, gsw would win by 30 but back in 04, pistons would win and crush their spirit. Detroit went on a run where they didn't allow a team to score over 70 for the entire game for like 11 straight games. The only team that can beat this warriors regardless of era is the 2008 celtics. they were the best defensive team post 2000 and had kg who could defend the death lineup and score on them on the other side.

  • noone wants to talk about how the dubs had the 2nd best defense in the league as well? They would have shut the pistons down. The pistons barely scored 90 pts a game anyway.

    You put draymond on sheed, ben wallace cannot score so that doesn't matter, Klay on chauncey, durant on rip..its over. pistons maybe score 60 points?

  • Everyone loves comparing to the warriors. This team is top 3 of all time next to showtime lakers & MJ Bulls

  • most people would say GSW all the way but think. Chauncey Billups would post up Steph Curry at will. Klay vs Rip would be about even ( but rip can run for day's) end of the game RIP. Tayshaun Prince would make KD work hard to get a shot off (just ask lebron). Green is too little for Rasheed (post) and shot (still say it might even out) Rasheed would have a higher chance of being more consistent. ben vs who? dude stop shaq. I really think the old pistons would bully them on offense slow the game down so much that GSW would not know how to play "UGLY Basketball". I think it's a bad matchup for GSW, not the piston are really better. i think that GSW would beat the Spurs that won the next year vs the same pistons.

  • NBA is a game of GIANTS. Size is part of what makes players great. Size is the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR PERIOD!!!! The Warriors are not very big. The Warriors have been successful because the league doesn't have many talented big post men that know how to use size to their advantage. Kerr's comments about today's athletes are crazy. Jordan and Pippen are both better athletes (including strength, size, and speed) than anyone on that Warriors team. Steph Curry is an average athlete AT BEST!!! The guy is 6'3" and he can barely dunk. I can't wait until some dominate bigs get back in this game that is becoming so SOFT!!!!

  • And another thing, old fashion 3s gained by post players are more valuable than distance 3s because you help to foul out defenders and increase rebound probability. If Lebron James had post moves like Kevin McHale, he would average 50 points a game. #bringbackpostdominance.

  • this guy is crazy they had problems beating the old LeBron cavs with only lebron. imagine if they faced these cavs. lets not even talk about golden state

  • 89 pistons could smash the Warriors wii many ways, even if they couldn't win by playing, their bench would take suspensions and knock some of their players out like curry and Durant.

  • It's a great conversation piece and its true the Warriors style is more the norm now then the anomaly it would have been in the early 2000's and before when teams were generally better and bigger defensively.I personally like the old style basketball as a more complete and proper way to play.

  • Nah it IS DISRESPECT you dumbass. you can have your own opinion and your opinion can be disrespectful retard

  • Stop talking shit bout my nigga Tayshaun. If LeBron couldn't guard KD means that Tayshaun would be destroyed by Durant? You guys are stupid af. First of all, LeBron is a bad defender. And second, Prince locked up Kobe the whole 2004 finals and his body is very similar to KD's. The Prince of the Palace was one of the best perimeter defenders in his era so keep your mouths clean young faggots

  • I would pick the pistons if we were playing with 2004 rules. They would all foul out with todays stupid rules

  • I believe the the 2004 pistons can beat the 2017 warriors…but they will never beat the 96 bulls and the 95 rockets

  • The NBA changed the rules because the 04 Pistons were so good defensively. I believe they set a record for consecutive games holding teams under 70 points. Detroit slowed the game down to a crawl and that would have put a serious dent in the warriors style. I do agree it matters what rules we are talking about. In 04 in was still a mans league. I don't know how well the Pistons would fare in today's soft NBA.

  • It was bad match up for warriors…billups would bully curry on the post same as sheed…well ben will be ben protect the rim and get rebound. Tayshaun might not stop KD buthe will slow him down..klay and rip will be interesting…i would take 04 pistons anyday