Detroit Pistons

Orlando Magic Trade For Reggie Jackson In The Works With The Detroit Pistons!!! NBA Trade Rumors

The Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons are discussing a trade that would send Reggie Jackson to Orlando in exchange for D.J. Augustin and Jeff Green. – NBA Trade Rumors

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  • What the heck are the Magic trying to do? They should be rebuilding, not going for players because they aint going to be a contender any time soon.

  • I'm a pistons fan that is a stupid trade I dot. Want Jeff green we already have a lot of wings Tobias Marcus Morris Stanley Johnson darrun Hilliard we really shouldn't do that

  • Pistons traded DJ for Reggie Jackson a couple years back. Why would they want him back? Just seems like a rumor to me. If it were to go down, pistons should get a first round pick back.

  • Magic GM is smoking crack. Like bruh you guys aren't making the playoffs, just trade your assets for some picks and rebuild.. seriously. I dont know why all these teams that are on the outside of the playoffs want to make the playoffs so bad. This draft is loaded with potential franchise point guards. I would be tanking like no tomorrow.

  • When the Pistons first got Reggie Jackson we traded DJ Augustin and Kyle Singler to get him. I doubt they would trade back. I hear they might be a doing a 3 team trade were we get Lou Williams I think that trade makes more sense. That trade also involves Orlando but the Lakers would get Reggie. I been wanted Reggie gone but only for something good.

  • This is a good trade only if we get ride of jeff green and DJ we need to keep elfrid so he can play from the bench and start reggie