Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons looking for revenge against Atlanta Hawks

The Detroit Pistons (27-29) went into the last game against the Atlanta Hawks (18-39) looking for an easy win to extend their win streak to six, and were shocked. Dennis Schröder iced the game, hitting four free throws in a row, after shooting only 50 percent from the foul line before.

Yet again, the Detroit Pistons will be looking for an escape from a losing streak, this one extending through the last three games.

Expect them to have an increased focus on defense tonight, as Stan Van Gundy and the rest of the team pin the defense, or lack thereof, for their loss.

“Our defense stinks,” Stan Van Gundy said. “We just got broken down, broken down, broken down.”

“Tough to give up 118 and try to win on the road,” Griffin said. “Or win in general.”

A good subplot tonight is the surging Stanley Johnson, who has reminded everyone yet again why we can still be excited for his future. Of course that excitement has been tempered, after the amount of teases his play has given us, only to fall into mediocrity again.

In the last five games he’s attempting three three pointers a game, hitting 46.7 percent of them. This is while he’s playing good defense and attacking the rim with confidence, which is the most exciting part of his new game.

Johnson’s also displayed some nice handles, and some veteran looking moves to shake defenders down low.

Another player to watch is, of course, Andre Drummond.

Drummond has dominated this season, and has started to regain respect around the league. In 37 minutes, he scored 25 points, grabbed 15 rebounds, and blocked three shots. A great game for the re-emerging star.

However, Dewayne Dedmon met his ferocity. In 31 minutes, Dedmon dropped 20 points, got 13 rebounds, and three steals. He also helped seal the deal with his only three pointer to take the lead late in the last game. Drummond will have to make more of an effort to shut Dedmon down this time out.

With a renewed sense of humility, look for Detroit to go out and take care of business against Atlanta tonight. Taking the All-Star weekend off is always easier coming out of a win.




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