Detroit Pistons

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons – Full Game Highlights | Dec 26, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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  • what a fixed league! they intentionnally showed that lebron is the best so they played very bad , even if they really could have won this game whithout him

  • From a chess standpoint, Lebron is actually a king. Knock out the king, and you won the game.

  • hahaha Cavs deserve to lose their weak, when they didn't have kyrie they lose and now without LeBron they lost

  • Lebron u my fav ALL TIME!!! But, stop with this sitting out shit… That's 2 games they have lost without u playing… I remember when Derrick Rose got the MVP over u basically because his team had the better record by a game!!! Now if u do not get MVP because of a season standing I won't even be mad this time around :/

  • People talking down on Kyrie like he aint shit without Lebron. Of course Lebron has a Major impact on the Cavs, but Kyrie also has a major impact on the cavs. Just look at the 2015 finals… He didnt play and they lost, He schooled Curry in the 2016 finals. Kyrie is Clutch and Curry shouldnt even be in the Conversation. Everytime Kyrie playes Curry, he outplays him. KYRIE ONLY 24, NOT EVEN IN HIS PRIME!!!!!!!

  • LeBron deserves the MVP just based on how trash the Cavs are when he doesn't play. Mediocre teams mop the floor with them when daddy LeBron isn't there to run things.

  • this is the day literally after fucking beating the warriors. so the cavs weren't even going 100%. you guys are some fucking retards

  • Bruh. Kyrie is a pure scorer. lebron is probably one of the best all around players currently.But cavs are not thrash without lebron. they are still better than some team… probably an average team at best

  • If LeBron doesn't play the Cavs can't even beat the Pistons… I think that's why Kyrie isn't a superstar (will he ever be?), and why James could be considered in the MVP race every year

  • Not even a fan of the Cavs but wow.. if you can't tell that Lebron is the reason that team is where they are.. then you are dumb asf

  • calling the Warriors "Larriors" is the stupidest and cringiest shit I've ever seen. I just imagine a bunch of retards saying "larriors" . sounds so awful. yall trying too hard xD and no I'm not a warrior fan

  • the REAL TRUTH. LOVE & KYRIE are THRASH w/o LeBUM's LAZY ass. The debate about who's better than Kyrie or Curry is over. Even before Durant join Dubs. Curry can carry his team to win, while KYRIE cant. You CAVS fans & bandwagons are pathetic. I dunno whats the buzz about Kyrie being the best PG in the NBA?! Hate the FOOLS buying his JERSEY, like he was juz a 2016 NBA FINALS hero one time. SO WHAT?! Proves nothing & never WON an NBA MVP.

  • Where's your "DAGGER" now Kyrie IRVING? Why does RICHARD JEFFERSON not show his "ELITE" Defense he used against Durant? GUESS CAVS CANT WIN W/out REFS help.