Nikola Jokic vs Karl-Anthony Towns EPIC Duel Highlights (2018.04.11) Wolves vs Nuggets – MUST WIN

Nikola Jokic 35 pts 10 reb, Towns 26 pts 14 reb Full Highlights | Denver Nuggets vs Minnesota Timberwolves | April 11, 2018 | 2017-18 NBA Season
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28 thoughts on “Nikola Jokic vs Karl-Anthony Towns EPIC Duel Highlights (2018.04.11) Wolves vs Nuggets – MUST WIN

  1. Team Pham

    Rigged as fuck. Lol no foul for the nuggets the whole fourth quarter and overtime. Like the hell did I just watch

  2. Attention Currsexuals

    You already know Jimmy B meant business this game.
    Dude would've commited suicide if he didnt make the playoffs under the circumstances

  3. Noname

    I hope KAT gets more touches in the playoffs this dude is way too talented not to be getting any touches in crunch time.

  4. D Thomas

    It's crazy that the teams we thought would be in higher seeds are low( spurs, wolves, thunder) This will be insteresting

  5. Benjamin Grunert

    DUDE JOKIC IS SO GOOD WHY DID THIS HAPPEN. He was literally +7 on the floor too. Best player on floor tonight. Fuck I'm sad for him

  6. -Therealdeal -

    As a Wolves fan, I was completely surprised at the IQ and ability of Jokic. He played absolutely absurd and is super underrated. Him and Murray went crazy this game and earned my respect.

  7. ivkekosovo

    The refs really let them at Jokic at the finish. The guy was taking a literal beating and no calls, while Min got easy calls.Gibson used illegal defense trough out the whole game,especially the 4th quarter. Jokic gave it all he's got but with that imbecile Barton and no help from anyone except Murray it was a long shot. Hope they get some help next season.

  8. Mixer

    Ref didn't call the fouls on Jokic, also not Jokic best game when it comes to assist he was good on shot, but not so good in assist, lost a ball several times, but overall he is top player feel sorry for him he should have been both in all star and in play offs, the guy literally carried Denver whole season


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