Kyrie Irving’s leadership would be of use for the Denver Nuggets

As the trade rumors continue to float around, Kyrie Irving and his unique repertoire could be a fantastic addition for the Nuggets.

The Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets are assumed to be the two teams with the best chance to land Kyrie Irving.

Both teams have youth and a lot of it but is it worth speeding up the rebuild? For the Denver Nuggets, in the long run, it is hard to tell, but Irving would bring a key quality to their team, and that’s leadership, even Malik Beasley knows Irving has the top-class championship pedigree.

When asked in an interview with HoopsHype about the Kyrie Irving trade scenario and his fit with Denver, Beasley said:

“Definitely leadership. He’s won a championship already. He would bring that extra dog, that extra grind, that all-star.”

According to Terry Pluto of, the Denver Nuggets will not give up both Gary Harris and Jamal Murray in a trade for Irving. For Cleveland, it will be the team that offers the best package, and if Denver thinks Irving could be their future, he might be worth it.

While Denver did sit an impressive second in the NBA in assists, they also suffered from not having a true point guard as they ranked 23rd in turnovers per game. A highly efficient offense like Denver’s would thrive under the direction of Kyrie Irving, as long as he could learn to play alongside rising superstar Nikola Jokic.

The Nuggets, led by Jokic, had an incredibly high-powered offense with the league’s fifth best rating and ten players over 9.0 points per game. They did, however, lose their top scorer, Danilo Gallinari. They will need to replace not only his scoring but also his leadership.

Who better than a young, experienced guard to help guide and train a stacked frontcourt?

If it happens, Kyrie Irving in Denver should be a dream come true for the Mile High City.

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