Denver Nuggets

An unconscious Denver Nuggets mascot is lowered to the arena floor as frightened fans look on (He’s OK)

Rocky the Denver Nuggets mascot made an astonishing entrance into the game Friday before the game with the Portland Trailblazers. You might think he came in jumping through rings of fire, driving a pimped out Harley dragging the body of the opponents mascot, or running across the gym floor and jumping onto a trampoline into a half-gainer with a twist finishing by dunking two basketballs at once. Nope….it was nothing like that. Rocky the Nuggets mascot had his lifeless body lowered down to the gym floor from the rafters and collapsed to the ground when he got there. Apparently, the person who plays Rocky (sorry to spoil that Rocky isn’t real for you believers out there) suffered from dizziness and passed out on the way down. Reports say he will be fine; however, it was a scary moment for everyone in the building. The Nuggets might want to provide counseling to all of the kids who might have thought they hung Rocky.

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