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Top Nba Salaries – No Budget Cap !

As reported in many American sports magazines and NBA magazines, here is the list of the top 10 highest paid NBA players for the 2008-09 NBA season.

The National basketball association NBA has always been known for the heavy investments spent onto the NBA teams and each of the NBA jerseys ever since the NBA drafts and until the final day of the regular season and NBA playoffs.

Either a fan of the Lakers, Cavaliers, Celtics, Jets or any other NBA squad, we believe that the following list is of a major importance to check who is really filling in his pockets with real money.

On top of all, we found out that:

1-      Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics enclosed 24.8 million dollars

2-      Jason Kidd New Jersey Nets enclosed 21.4 million Dollars

3-      Jermaine O’Neal Toronto Raptors enclosed 21.4 million Dollars

4-      Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers enclosed 21.3 million Dollars

5-      Tracy McGrady Houston rockets enclosed 21.13 million Dollars

6-      Allen Iverson Detroit Pistons enclosed 21.11 million Dollars

7-      Stephon Marbury New York Knicks enclosed 21.11 million Dollars

8-      Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs enclosed 20.6 million Dollars

9-      Shaquille O’Neal Phoenix Suns enclosed 20 million Dollars

10-   Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks enclosed 18.1 million Dollars

Note that all these NBA salaries are based on NBA stats campaigns conducted by many NBA magazines (ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated) as well as by daily news papers (NYdailynews.com).

Salaries of NBA players are based on a fixed income, agreed upon with the NBA teams; bonuses and extras are also part of the contractual agreement. Nevertheless, the big part of the income is provided by advertising and endorsement campaigns for major sports brands and other types of institutions.