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NBA Offseason Player Movement

So far this summer player movement has been limited. Many small moves, and free agency itself didn’t have the many stars like the ones on the market in the past or the ones going in 2010, but like always there were a few that got signed for a big deal, and not all signing back with there original team.


The Philadelphia 76ers sign Elton Brand

Best move by any team so far. There bringing in a guy who averages 20.3 points and 10.2 rebounds for his career so far. He has a great low post game that is hard to defend, and look at the sixers line up now. We have Miller who is showing he can score but also make shots for his team, we have Andrea Iguodala who can aggressively attack the basket or just relay on his promising jump shot, the face of this franchise too, add Elton Brand to there PF position, who will add a more dangerous low post game and a guy who can also crash the boards, and put him next a guy like Dalembert down low, a guy who can do the dirty work and grab boards and block shots, this will be a hard team to beat.

L.A. Clippers sign Baron Davis

Nice move by the Clippers by Bringing in Davis, he can pass the ball, also has a great offensive game, and probably is the best defender to play his position. its a shame for Brand and Maggette to leave as they get him. Davis is now getting put on a team who doesn’t have a lot of hope anymore, with only Davis, and young players like Al Thorton and there 7th pick Eric Gordon running there team, but since there getting rid of Maggette and Brand this frees up a lot of salary space for them, so don’t be surprised if they make a trade any time soon to bring in another talent to be with Davis.

Golden State Warriors sign Corey Maggette

Since losing Davis, it got rid of a huge contract which they could just replace with another one, which they did, and signed Maggette. He really can add points to the score board and that will probably be his biggest contribution. making Maggette at small forward and Jackson at shooting guard will make the warriors a pure shooting team with no low post game. i was surprised they didnt try harder to bring in a talented point guard to replace Baron Davis’s spot, i cant see Ellis running the point he reminds me of a larger and more talented Nate Robinson, quick to the hoop, can shoot the ball, but both too small to make a promising shooting guard. But also they didn’t want to start Matt Barnes at Small forward, so they either had to go with a SF or PG and they went with Maggette.

Houston Rockets sign Brent Barry

This move got me thinking, they brought in a guy who’s already seen the best of his years, and can really only shot the three ball and play some D. they already have guys like Shane Battier and Rafer Alston who are outstanding shooters. this move was probably made to back up Battier or T-mac since they let go of Gerald Green, and bring a little extra defence to the team.

Orlando Magic sign Mickael Pietrus

I like this move the Magic made, they brought in a large small forward who can shoot the ball and play good D. He adds more spacing to there team and will be a great guy off the bench, and also gives their weak bench a little more talent.

The Dallas Mavericks sign Gerald Green

Since Maurice Ager was sent to the Nets in the Kidd trade they really have no one to back up there shooting guard position. and bringing in a guy that can aggressively attack the hoop and has a fair jump shot is not a bad move.

The New York Knicks sign Chris Duhon.

The Knicks needed to bring in an average talented point guard that can create shots for team members and really get there offence flowing. Nate Robinson couldn’t do that, he could create shots for himself and get points up on the board, but not a passer who could maybe get their offensive threats, like Crawford, Randolph, and Curry working, and making there job easier.


The Milwaukee Bucks get Richard Jefferson from the New Jersey Nets in exchange for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons.

The Nets went through with this trade to be able to start freeing up salary cap space for the 2010 market, where Talents like, Chris Bosh, Dywane Wade, Lebron James, Amare Stoudemare, Yao Ming, Richard Jefferson, Tyson Chandler, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Ray Allen, Jeo Johnson, Tracy McGrady, Manu Ginobili, Michael Redd, and a lot more are up for grabs. the Nets are in a position of refreshing their team, bringing in young players, then when they are experienced, bring in a veteran to run the team. Since Vince Carter’s best years are waring off by the days, there acting fast, and making sure they land an all-star in 2010.

The Philadelphia 76ers traded off Rodney Carney, Calvin Booth, a future first-round pick, and cash considerations to the Minnesota Timber-Wolves in exchange for a future second round pick.

76ers made this move to open free salary space for them to make an offer to Elton Brand, they did this after Josh Smith visited Philadelphia with his agent, and left with the 76ers having no luck signing a deal with him. so obviously 76ers are looking big this summer and want a second talent by Andrea Iguodala’s side.

The Indiana Pacers receive T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic, and the right to Roy Hirbbert From the Toronto Raptors, and send them, Jermaine O’Neal and the rights to Nathan J awia.

I like this move for the Raptors, there bringing in a talented PF in O’Nealwho can crash the boards, has a great lowpost game, and play good D. if O’neal is healthy for most of the season the raptors will have a dominate down low and add there great all around shooting in Kapono, Parker and Bargnani, this will create great spacing for the team and will be hard for other teams to defend.

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