NBA Courtside Tickets in the Southwest Division – Western Conference – Are They Worth It?

What NBA courtside seats are worth sitting in and which NBA courtside tickets are worth purchasing? A look at what to expect in each arena, on tap is the Southwest Division in the West.

Southwest Division

Dallas Mavericks Courtside Tickets – What to expect – A team in win now mode. Made a big move to get Caron Butler. This could be their best chance since their 2006 Finals appearance. Go for them this year.

Houston Rockets Courtside Tickets – What to expect – A team not in win now mode. Basically waiting for Yao to get back. If he's healthy, this will be the dangerous team in the West next year. Made a great trade for Kevin Martin this year, but Yao's health is still a huge question. Get Rockets courtside tickets reserved for next year, this is a team to watch.

Memphis Grizzlies Courtside Tickets – What to expect – A mess of players that is surprisingly contending in the West this year. Rudy Gay is playing for his big contract next year, and will get overpaid this summer. OJ Mayo is putting up big numbers and Gasol is playing well too. If this team could all stay together next year, get Grizzlies season tickets for 2011.

New Orleans Hornets Courtside Tickets – What to expect – Chris Paul and nothing else. This team fell apart this year. I expect Paul to be a player in the near future that is unhappy with his situation and asks to leave. Do not bother getting Hornets tickets for the team this year.

San Antonio Spurs Courtside Tickets – What to expect – A dynasty ending. Too many other teams have stepped it up and the Spurs have stayed in the same place. Richard Jefferson not living up to his contract really hurt the team this year. Besides his rookie year, career worst in points, minutes, assists, rebounds, steals, etc. Tony Parker is out for 6 weeks now, which makes it even worse for this team. Get Spurs tickets this year because it may be the last season for a while where it is worth it.

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