Mark Cuban Thinks Tanking Is Stupid

      33 Comments on Mark Cuban Thinks Tanking Is Stupid

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, believes that tanking the season is a dumb idea and that even if you are to lose every game of the season, there is 75 percent chance you DON’T get the No. 1 overall pick. Cuban’s words are true in the way that you are never guaranteed a No. 1 overall pick because of the draft lottery, however, the Dallas Mavericks are in hot water with veteran superstar Dirk Nowtizki sidelined with an injury and a rough start to the season. Jason Rubin and Francis Maxwell break down Cuban’s recent statements.

Is tanking stupid? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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33 thoughts on “Mark Cuban Thinks Tanking Is Stupid

  1. Thon Maker

    76ers aren't going to tank this year…one of the most stacked frontcourts in the history…Sergio running the point…championship head coach Brett Brown.

  2. bunda713

    The Mavs are in big trouble. Dirk is done. They're stuck with the Wes Matthews horrible contract and Harrison Barnes who's meh.

  3. Mr.Sauceman X

    Mark Cuban is an idiot, ranking increases your chance of getting a superstar. New NBA prediction video on my channel.

  4. Eddie

    even if you're not a contender, it makes it hard for fans to cheer for their team when they're not even trying to win. watching your team win even If it's not an important game is still exciting.

  5. TYT Sports

    What's up everybody! I am making a point to start leaving a note in each of the videos going forward. I mentioned this in the UFC video from earlier, but turns out some of our subscribers are not getting notified (when they want too, not trying to force anybody to watch here) when we have new video uploads. If you are in the camp of TYTSports viewers that like being notified for the videos, next to the subscribe button there is a bell icon which will enable that feature. Just wanted to pass on the word. Thanks as always for watching.

    – Jason

  6. Alec Damm

    The mavs were one of the most consistently great teams of the past 10-15 years and won their title. They have earned the right to have a rebuilding process now that they're about to lost the cornerstone of their franchise..
    I'd trade their success this decade for my teams success this decade anyday.

  7. Wills Cortese

    This draft class is actually really good Dennis Smith Jonathan Isaac Lonzo Ball Harry Giles Ivan Rabb Dearron fox Anunoby Markannen Jayson Taytum Malik Monk Josh Jackson Markelle Fultz etc

  8. Johnathan Vic

    you don't need to be guaranteed a #1 overall pick. typically top 3 will do. after that, it's a crap shoot.


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