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History of the Red River Rivalry – vol I

The Rivalry That Makes Everyone See Red — Mendelson Entertainment Presents the Definitive Story on Texas versus Oklahoma.

(DALLAS, TX– ) Nearly 80,000 people converge at the Cotton Bowl each year to participate in an 110 year old tradition known simply as Texas/OU. To a casual observer, it’s just another hotly contested gridiron spectacle– but, the reality is that it’s much, more more. And, Mendelson Entertainment, in partnerships with Media -13, captured the the history of Texas/OU in a remarkable film that premiered on the Fox Network

History of the Red Rivalry- Volume I is a sixty minute documentary film exploring the history of the game that explodes as a cultural flashpoint between two states, two universities and two football programs.

With an eclectic blend of archival footage, jaw-droppingly frank interviews and an influential original music score, “History of the Red River Rivalry-Volume I” is an entertaining hour for football fans or history buffs.

With an array of the finest writers and sportscasters from both sides of the Red River, the story is framed along four distinct lines: Coaches, Games, Recruiting Battles and the Culture War.

The documentary features insight from big-name radio personalities like Norm Hitzges and Chris Arnold; acclaimed writers Berry Hammel and Chuck Cooperstein and play-by-play commentators including University of Texas’ Craig Way and Oklahoma’s Bob Berry.

Feature film director King Hollis (Pearl), with over 170 credits as a commercial director led all aspects of the production. Hollis along with Barry Mendelson (Beyond the Glory) served as Executive Producers working closely with both universities. “We felt there was an appetite for a big, bold fresh take on the rivalry. We believe it is the leading rivalry in the college football and we wanted to present the story in a compelling manner that had an appeal beyond sports fan,’ said Hollis.

Lindell Singleton (An American Journey, Museums of the Heartland) wrote the original script for the project and Mark Followill of the Dallas Mavericks provided the voice over.

College football is the quintessential American experiences. When the dull, lazy days of summer give way to the crisp wings of October, it’s gridiron time. No where is football bigger than in Texas and Oklahoma. Media 13’s History of the Red River Rivalry- volume I captures this important story.

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